DeKalb County United Soccer Club

DeKalb County United Soccer Club

DeKalb County United Soccer Club


Barb City Roasters is happy to sponsor DeKalb County United a not-for-profit 501(c)(4) organization with one goal...unite the community. They aim to provide their players, their supporters, and the community with a one-of-a-kind sporting experience.

They run an adult semi-professional soccer side who compete in the MidWest Premier League (MWPL), a men's U23 side in the Metropolitan Soccer League, and a women's U23 side in the Illinois Women's Soccer League.

When you purchase 815 United Grounds , a percentage not only supports DKCU not-for-profit but those in need locally and across the world. BCR will be collaborating with DKCU and sending soccer balls to kids in Africa!  

DeKalb County United Soccer Club

DeKalb County United Soccer Club



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 Barb City Roasters – Our coffees are estate grown, carefully chosen from the top 1% quality beans in the world, and roasted in micro-batches with love and care to ensure the highest quality product available. We take pride in maintaining a meticulously consistent product, both in quality of roast and quality of bean. 


Fresh Ground or Whole Bean

Whole bean coffee is the preferred style for purchase for most coffee drinkers.  Whole beans allow you to grind as needed, and experience the taste of fresh coffee every time you brew.  Whole bean also offers a longer shelf-life than ground coffee.  Ground coffee is the best purchase option if you plan to brew it soon after it arrives, want to purchase small amounts for gifts, or if you do not own a coffee grinder. 


Coffee with a mission

 Coffee is a conduit Barb City Roasters uses to bring people together from around the world.  Our coffee is delicious, but also has a mission: to serve those most in need.  A percentage of Barb City Roasters revenue is donated to support people in need of housing, clean water, and food around the world.  We are passionate about our coffee and compassionate about helping others.  

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