Barb City Roasters is delighted to now offer our gourmet fresh roasted coffee for fundraisers. 

Our goal is to support the needs of your fundraiser in every aspect possible. 

Our prices are budget friendly. Your funding profits are bound to be more successful than imagined. 

Coffee is an on demand product all year round, this is a great opportunity to raise money for your fundraiser. Coffee sells itself: everyone knows what it is and the aroma of the freshness is hard for any coffee consumer to say no to! Barb City Roasters aims to make your fundraiser as successful as possible.  We are able to help do that by making things convenient and well organized.

First off, we offer coffee tastings so your team knows exactly what they are selling! 

It is easier to sell something if you love what you are selling. 

Once you choose the roast of your choice, we offer customized labels with your fundraiser design, slogan or cause on it. You can send in a JPEG file or you can work with our designer for assistance in creating the perfect label for your fundraiser. 

Time to raise money! Like we mentioned earlier, there is no waste when working with BCR and no loss of money well earned. This is why, once you sell all the coffee for the period of time chosen, you then place your order with us at the end of the fundraiser. We will roast all your coffee fresh and grind the orders that requested ground coffee, this way you only buy what you sold. You can deliver fresh roasted coffee to all your supporters’, friends, and family! Easy as 1, 2, 3!

WARNING; your car, house and office will smell fabulous for the rest of the day!

If this sounds like a perfect match for your fundraiser, please contact us using the form on this page.

We believe in personalized service and look forward to hearing more about your organization and how we might have the opportunity to work with you! 


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