Coffee for your work place

Do you ever have a late employee because they waited in line for a cup of coffee?

Well we have great news for you; you no longer have to have late employees because of coffee.

Barb City Roasters offers fresh roasted coffee with free monthly or weekly delivery in DeKalb County! 

Give your work place amazing coffee so they no longer have to worry about stopping on the way to work.


Reasons to offer coffee at your work place

Coffee Encourages A Hospitality Atmosphere For Customers And Employees.

 When your customers come to your business and have to wait in line or even walk around and shop, having fresh hot coffee as a complimentary asset improves the whole experience.  

Coffee Encourages Efficiency and Team Building.

Mindful productivity and physical performance.

Coffee is a conduit that brings people together, it’s a conversation starter.  Saying hi or even encouraging another coworker as you get your coffee really adds character to a business. 

Coffee Minimizes Time Lost

If your employees run out of coffee brought from home or the café, than its most likely they will take a break for another coffee run, outside of work. 

You could be losing costly work time because of a break that doubles in time, rather than fresh coffee readily available. 

We are here to serve you


Offer fresh high quality coffee.

Now that you know coffee in your office is an extraordinary resource, here is why you would want to offer fresh high quality coffee.  Even though you have coffee in the office, if it is not good or fresh, that will defeat the purpose of your employees going for a fresh cup of coffee. 

Reasons to use Barb City Roasters as your supplier:

 · We sell to you in bulk, which means you save on cost and plastic

(We offer 5 pound bags at a time that have a valve, this way you always have fresh coffee)

· You have a choice of weekly or monthly delivery 

· We deliver fresh roasted coffee on your chosen date

· You can choose fresh ground or fresh whole bean coffee

· We offer more than one kind of roast (see Shop page for coffee types)

· Free tasting available for your convenience (Just call to set up an appointment)  

· Exceptional customer service,  invariably ready to serve

· You support a small local business by serving your own work place

· 100% of our proceeds are donated to people in need of housing clean water and food, locally and around the world

Does this sound like a perfect match for you?

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